Life beats the film is a familiar phrase used for incredible situations. In reality, the comparison lies elsewhere. Placing the media of film and business on the same level, things, we think, happen here just like in life; not more, not less, not different.

Think of an individual. Taken as such, individuals are weaker than the community. But by associating with a community that represents them, they become powerful.

This applies just as much to business.

Supposing that the terms of equation are individual business versus group, the only win-win situation is the one that mimics the individual versus community relation. In other words, the cooperation with a powerful group conveys power to your own business.

This is why it’s worth working with Mendola Group: because it is a full-scale business in the field of interior design and textiles, offering solutions also in other fields such as logistics; because it is a family of companies, a generous distributor, and a trustworthy co-operator: features that present and recommend it for solid partnerships.