Dynamic development

You are powerful when, while developing your own abilities, you are helping others develop as well.

This applies just as much to business.

 Mendola Group develops partnerships with distributors from all over the world, while it is also an exporter in the field of decorations and textiles. The group’s internal organization makes it possible to both meet its own needs in matters of transportation, and also offer services for its business partners.

Mendola Group has partnerships with decoration and textile distributors from all over the world, and it also exports its products abroad. The Group’s brands, which recommend themselves by quality products in home decorations and textiles, covering a wide selection of styles following international trends, are sold all over the country by the network of stores Nobila Casa, and transported everywhere, even abroad, by the group’s own logistic system. The Group manages therefore to serve its own transportation needs while offering logistic and related services to its partners, highlighting thus its aspect of dynamic development.