Family business

You are powerful when you love and respect your family; when you represent it, and it supports you in turn. This applies just as much to business.

 Mendola Pro. Decocenter. Unitrans. Pro Invest. Unimode.

They are Mendola Group together and in equal share: a family business started at the beginning of the 1990s which has developed throughout the years under the watchful eyes/management of two generations. Mendola Group is family and it is supported by the family in turn.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Mendola Group equalled one single store, Nobila Casa, a business idea initiated by an entrepreneur family. The idea got shape and the business developed accordingly, following a well designed plan, into a group formed of two large companies (Mendola Pro and Decocenter), and three other smaller ones, but just as important (Unitrans, Pro Invest, Unimode). Meanwhile, the number of stores rose to 10. In time, the group made up of these associated companies became known as Mendola Group, a family of companies represented and supported by a family of people. In short, family business at its best.