You are powerful when you know who you are; when you have ideas and turn them to good value; when you can offer alternatives.

This applies just as much to business.

Mendola Pro. Decocenter. Unitrans. Pro Invest. Unimode.

They are Mendola Group: 11 own brands in the field of decoration items and home textiles, supported by high quality products; 10 Nobila Casa stores throughout the country; export to neighbour countries; transportation via own logistic system; viable alternatives in other fields as well.

Mendola Pro. Decocenter. Unitrans. Pro Invest. Unimode.

These companies together create the Mendola Group, a full-scale business in decorations and textiles through Mendola Pro and Deco Center, marketing 11 own brands of high quality products retailed through the group’s own stores throughout the whole country and in a showroom in Cluj-Napoca.

Transportation services for products are provided by the group’s logistic system, Unitrans. In recent years, the group has also developed its real estate business field, represented by Pro Invest and Unimode, companies offering viable alternatives in real estate.

Translated into Mendola Group language, all this comes down to a powerful identity, quality ideas turned to good value, and assumed alternatives. In a word: power.